The world is in the midst of an energy transformation. Our R&D team is dedicated to bringing product and technology innovations to change the way homes and businesses are powered.

With years of experience in R&D, we are able to quickly adapt to market trends and empower energy users with tailored products and solutions. Additionally, our team continuously introduces new upgrades and innovations in the energy efficiency, functional safety and intelligent solutions of inverter, energy storage and EV charging applications.

Striving for excellence, our team aim to take clean energy technologies to the next level and deliver advanced, smart and powerful energy solutions to the world community.


To date, millions of families and businesses across the world are using iCharging's all-scenario products and solutions to power their homes and facilities. We work with thousands of local partners to establish robust distribution and logistics networks, ensuring convenient access to our advanced product portfolios for global customers. Together, we strive to make a big difference in driving the world's energy transformation.